Copy and paste the link to your guestbook

Guestbook is ready to use! Clean, fast and simple. To install your new guestbook just copy and paste the link into your website. No sign up process required! And this is the link to your guestbook:

Why you need a guestbook on your website

A guestbook allows visitors of a website to leave a public comment. In guestbooks visitors express their thoughts about the website or its subject. It is an informal method of dropping off a quick message. The purpose of a guestbook is to display the kind of visitors the site gets, including the part of the world they reside in, and gain feedback from them. This allows the webmaster to assess and improve their site.

Let your website visitors be simply creative

Use the guestbook to get connected with your audience! Explore different ideas. They have a lot of comments. Are you ready to listen? Build amazing websites in a social community! Without leaving a big footprint. Lightweight and hassle-free. This free guestbook is the easiest way to get real feedback.